Bearville Guide: Cave of Wonders Quest Walkthrough

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Bearville Guide: Cave of Wonders Quest Walkthrough

Post  Admin on Sun Dec 14, 2008 9:53 pm

When you find the 5th and final gem in the Jungle Ruins quest return to the Leopard in the University. Click the Leopard and he’ll ask if you want to start an Animal Adventure. Select yes and you will be returned to the Marvelous Monkey. Be sure and have the same Furry Friend with you that you had when you started the quest!This time all the gems will be restored to the Great Stone Bear and her Stone Totems.
Enter the Cave at the arrow at the top of the screen (near Monkey’s head in the pic):

You are now inside the Cave of Wonders.

Lead your Furry Friend through the maze to the left and up by clicking in front so you’ll follow! At the top left of the cave you will find the first stone to step on.

Continue through the maze then step on the second stone.

Continue forward through the maze until you reach a fork in the road. Take a right and travel down.

Step on the 3rd stone

After stepping on the 3rd stone go back up to where the fork in the road was and continue. You will pass the closed door before getting to the fourth stone.

Step on the fourth stone then you will see the door open and the Leopard appear!

Click on the Leopard, after reading his message click complete and you will see your reward!

Congratulations!!! Exit the cave at the same arrow where you entered!
Now you’re ready to get another Build-A-Bear and start all over!!


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