Bearville Guide: Scavenger Hunt Quest Walkthrough

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Bearville Guide: Scavenger Hunt Quest Walkthrough

Post  Admin on Sun Dec 14, 2008 9:54 pm

Click on the kiosk hut at Sunshine Shores Beach to start the Scavenger Hunt! The faster you find all 10 pieces of trash to clean up, the more bear bills you make. I’ve made as much as 145 Bear Bills! This hunt can be repeated as many times a day as you want but sometimes all 10 pieces of trash do not show up after the first time I’ve played in a day. You also get Community points towards a Badge.
Trash is located in different spots but consistently at the following locations:

Paw Park
Skate Park
Town Square
Friendship Forest Park
Friendship Forest Entrance
Sunshine Shores Cave
Here are a few of the trash items to look for:


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