Bearville Guide: Nature Walk Quest Walkthrough

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Bearville Guide: Nature Walk Quest Walkthrough

Post  Admin on Sun Dec 14, 2008 9:55 pm

Start at the Pawsitively Green Center. Click on the big round recycling sign above the door to the center to get started on the Nature Walk. Items that can be composted can be found all around BuildaBearVille. The locations are different for everyone and different each time you log in. You can repeat this quest once a day, you are awarded 200 bear bills each day you complete the quest and find 5 items!
Here are a few of the items to look for (Purple Dandelion, Yellow Dandelion, Grass, Branch, Pile of Leaves, Cobweb/Spiderweb, Tree Stump, Twig, Ivy Vine): They could be anywhere in build-a-bearville


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