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Hugs fur you monkey!
Visit the Hugs Fur You Monkey in the Neighborhoood to do a great Quest for a Cool Banana Hat! You will need to find 5 Different places that the Monkey hid the Bananas!! Have fun!!

Bearemy's 12 days of Christmas
Day 3
Head over to the Town Square today to recieve a new furbulous poster of 3 French Hens Painting from Bearemy!

After Christmas Party
There is going to be a Great After Christmas Party on December 26-30 in the North Pole with Santa and Friends, so don't forget to go to it! I hope to see you there!!

Mini Bearemy
Say hello to Mini Bearemy!
Furry Friend Name: Mini Bearemy
Animal Rewards: bearbills, wallpaper, Mini Bearemy Hat and Mini Bearemy Tee for your online character! enjoy!

Bearemy's 12 days of Christmas
Day 4
Head over to the Town Square today to recieve a furbulous new emoticon from Bearemy! Its a calling bird emotion!


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