extra things on babv(feel free to post)

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extra things on babv(feel free to post)

Post  Admin on Sun Dec 14, 2008 9:16 pm

Check out the new Paws Fur Nature issue on Chimpanzees!
If you don't have your magazine yet, go to the Libeary in the University and click on the table. Your table with the magazine on it will appear in your "my stuff". You can read the magazine from your inventory or after putting the table in a room. Just click on the magazine! You can also read the magazine from a table in a friends cub condo!

The final "8th of the month" hidden gift has been found and identified
For those new to Build-a-Bearville, Build-a-Bear has been hiding an item on every 8th of the month in Bearville for just one day to celebrate 2008. This month's item is only available today and is a pair of moose antlers!

It is in the north pole town center, there is a stocking that will glow

Make sure that you log in today and claim your gift, as it won't be available tomorrow!
Also, Mrs. Claus is handing out a new gift today. Click on her in Santa's Workshop in the North Pole to receive a plate of muffins!

yesterday the Moose Toboggan game is now online in the North Pole at BuildABearville.com!

You can choose to be either Hal or Holly Moose and toboggan down a hill full of obstacles, avoid the snow drifts and trees and aim for the ice patches (they make you go faster!!) and the snow jumps. The faster your time, the more bear bills you get!

Be sure and check out the new game and let us know what you think!

Temp glitch: The Bear Bills that you win at the end of the game is not what you actually receive. For instance, instead of getting the 22 bear bills stated, you get 5 bear bills. Hopefully, this will be corrected soon. But have fun in the meanwhile! This is indeed a great game!


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